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Police arrest two on charges of selling Muni transfers

The San Francisco Police Department has made two arrests in an ongoing problem that has cost the transit system thousands of dollars every week: the resale of transfers.

Police said they caught two people in a sting operation illegally selling late-night Muni transfers. One of two arrested was a Muni mechanic who was supplying the transfers, police said.

Transfers are supposed to be only be usable for 90 minutes, but late-night transfers allow passengers are not time-limited.

The Muni Police Task Force conducted a surveillance for months at Mission and 16th streets, a hot spot for selling illegal transfers. Police arrested Muni mechanic Edmund King and Leroy Gutierrez on July 15, according to Sgt. Troy Dangerfield.

Officers from the task force will continue to investigate the selling of illegal late-night transfers, Dangerfield said.