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Bay Citizen
Bay Area nonprofit news source covering news, culture and community • San Francisco • Donate:
Nonprofit investigative reporting team covering California state issues • Berkeley: (510) 809-3160; Sacramento: (916) 504-4085 • Donate:
A publication for the Tenderloin and west SoMA neighborhoods of San Francisco • (415) 626-1650
International news organization delivering thoughtful, global coverage • Boston, Mass.: (617) 450-2300
The nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum • San Francisco: (415) 597-6700; Milpitas: (408) 280-5530 • Donate:
A subsidiary of Consumers Union, the nation's leading not-for-profit consumer advocacy organization • Yonkers, N.Y.: (914) 378-2000 • • Donate:
A team of professional staff, volunteer and student reporters covering Bay Area community arts, news, and culture on-air and online. • San Francisco: (415) 841-4121  
Public media for Northern California; KQED Public Television Channel 9 and 88.5 FM radio • San Francisco: (415) 864-2000 • Donate:
Covering the Mission District neighborhood in print and online • San Francisco  • Donate:
Nonpartisan watchdog of the 2010 Census • Washington, DC •
Network of 16 neighborhood newspapers in San Francisco • (415) 922-3413
The country's first and largest national collaboration of 2,000 ethnic news organizations • San Francisco: (415) 503-4170
Commercial-free nonpoliticized news source covering overlooked issues from around the world • Donate:
Independent nonprofit community news and information hub for Oakland • 
A blog tracking how new media — from weblogs to podcasts to citizen journalism — are changing society and culture. • Donate:
Nonprofit online magazine about the shareable world • San Francisco  • Donate:
A forum with more than 18,000 community participants where diverse audiences engage in dialogue • San Francisco: (415) 293-4600 • Donate:
Community powered reporting where the public can donate to reporting on important and overlooked topics • Bay Area & Los Angeles, Seattle
Fiscal sponsor of the Public Press — Indy Arts supports people, projects and organizations that use media and the arts to spur democratic discourse • San Francisco • Donate:
Primary funder of the Public Press since 2009 — Philanthropic community foundation for the Bay Area • San Francisco  • Donate: