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Gaps in Bay Area coverage

Though the Public Press team is looking to construct a local news organization that’s innovative in its business model, production, design, financing, management, technology and distribution, the raison detre of this exercise is to cover stories that traditionally have been ignored in the press. This is the fun part: pushing the boundaries of what professional journalists have considered “news.”

What topics are left by the wayside? They include stories that lack a special appeal to so-called quality readers -- the wealthy elite sought by high-end advertisers. (Your suggestions are more than welcome; please leave some ideas in the “comments” section at the bottom of this post.) Some initial thoughts on what would be important for the rest of us to read more of:

Seeking solutions to the media meltdown

Even as vital Bay Area journalistic institutions seemed to crumble before their eyes, a panel of media reformers at the journalism school at the University of California, Berkeley, sounded almost optimistic Wednesday night.

The Public Press on the Web begins

This is our first foray into a new electronic platform for a global discussion about kick-starting a noncommercial press. We are about 70 years behind broadcasting, but it's never too late.

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